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Do ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited offer Consultancy on the implementation of quality management systems or technical matters?

ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited does not offer any consultancy service.

What is the difference between certification and accreditation?

Certification is the procedure whereby a system, product or process is confirmed, through audit, to meet particular needs. Accreditation is the third part authorization of an organization’s capability and integrity to perform testing, calibration, inspection and certification services.

How do I check to see if an organization is accredited by ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited?

ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited has a Directory of Accredited Bodies openly available on our website. Every organization is listed with details on its scope of accreditation, location, contact details etc.

Where do I go to buy a standard?

ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited does not sell standards. Standards are available from

How can I check if an accredited organization is accredited for the scope of activity I need?

Log onto the ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited website, and search the Directory of Accredited Bodies for your organization.

If an organization has resigned their accreditation with SAFL does that mean the certificate is not valid or acknowledged, even though it was allotted when they were ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited accredited?

Accredited test or inspection or calibration certificates/reports allotted by a laboratory or inspection body are valid if the laboratory or inspection body is accredited at the time of the testing/inspection/ calibration. Accredited certificates allotted by a certification body are only valid within 3 months of the date of resigning of the certification body from the SAFL programme.

How do I become an evaluator?

If you wish to slow an interest in becoming a skillful on the ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited Register of Evaluators you may forward your profile to and our team will lead you with further process, after thorough approximation of your profile.