FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How does my organization or company convert accredited?

ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited has detailed the accreditation process on this site – which outlines for each stage from question right up to the prize of accreditation and maintenance thereafter.

What are the charges to become accredited?

ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited charges for the operation of all its outlines. Charges are set per annum and are subject to a yearly review. The payment details can be got by sending a request on info@safglobal.org.

How long it will take to become accredited?

ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited Accreditation process can take up to 6 months to complete, from receipt of application to award of accreditation.

What forms and documents do I require to fill in to become accredited?

All candidates are mandatory to fill in the related application form. ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited offers guidance, policy and compulsory documents which should be study in conjunction with your application all documents and forms are presented on the ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited Website.

If only 1 person hired in the laboratory, can my org still be accredited? Or does there have to be a minimum quantity of employees etc.?

Accreditation is awarded to an organization based on its capability to demonstrate that it is capable and neutral when complying with the related international standards. There is no minimum requirement.