About Us

ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited is an accreditation body proposing accreditation programs for Certification bodies, Inspection bodies and Laboratories.

ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited accreditation programs work in accordance with applicable international standards with the aim of getting these programs coordinated and acknowledged internationally. This will eventually promote and growth the reputation and assurance of products and services provided by SAFL accredited partners.

Policy and Objectives

The Policy of ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited has the objective of growing the pleasure of all the attracted parties, directly or indirectly, in accreditation actions.

In order to achieve organizational policy, SAFL has well-defined exact objectives:

  • To be similarly accessible to all the certification body candidates who wish to be accredited to the criteria of the Board within its possibility and ability, within the geographical limits decided by the Board
  • To improvement criteria of accreditation in line with global developments and to adoptive development in the quality of certification procedure with the support of certification bodies.
  • To be impartial in its decision on criteria and procedure of accreditation.
  • To search for mutual acknowledgement of the accreditation schemes globally.
  • To be independent of any undue influence of any stakeholder and to conduct its business professionally.


Our Accreditation – Global Recognition.


To deliver credible standardization and accreditation services to develop environmental, social and economic well-being.


  • Integrity: Entire audit activities are operated with maximum adherence to the principles of ethics and professional duties, and they follow shared and well- established processes whereby uncertain explanations of the needs of standards are reduced.
  • Impartiality: All stakeholders reflect a balanced representation of the main economic, scientific, technical, social and institutional subjects who have direct or indirect interest in the activities of accreditation and certification.
  • Transparency: ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited’s rules, which conform to the applicable international standards and guides, are under continuous review by means of mechanisms based on agreement and with the use of working groups in which all interested subjects may participate.
  • Independence: Accreditation is approved with the assurance that the conformity assessment process is totally free of undue effect. The independence of each member of an audit team is carefully checked.
  • Competence: ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited's technical officers and evaluators receive adequate professional training and updating so as to guarantee at all times a high level of performance, including through the maintenance and development of their qualifications.
  • Market awareness: ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited is involved in the investigation and increase of new accreditation schemes and in drawing up and go over guidelines for the consistent evaluation of reference standards in order to meet the increasing and diverse demands of worldwide socio-economic situation.

Accreditataion Logo and Symbol

ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited Logo captures the summary of the best of Europe and the USA by incorporating fundamentals of the Euro and USA flags into its symbol.


ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited is appointing experienced Auditors, Operations Personnel and Customer Relationship Managers. Please forward your profiles to info@safglobal.org to get more details on current openings with ScottLand Akkreditering Forum Limited.